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Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance is important to keep your machine, installation or process in top condition.
DH Automation Technology supplies the service & maintenance which you wishes, with or without service contract. DH Automation Technology is specialized in service and maintenance of electrical installations, control systems and robot systems.  
Hardware service & maintenance
To lend effective service & maintenance DH Automation Technology uses service datasheets. In here all specifications about service and maintenance by component, machine or installation will be reproduced. So that arises a clear history by component. From this can be decided when a certain component must be replaced. In that case the component can be replaced before the component does not function anymore. The big advantage for you is that unnecessary production stagnation will be driven back.
Sofware service & maintenance                                                                        
For software maintenance DH Automation Technology can apply control at distance. By this inexpensive and fast support can be given and we can analyse where maintenance at your software is necessary. The advantage of this is that your machine or installation is at most available for production.
DH Automation Technology is ready for you during 24 hours a day and 6 days a week!