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Project Management

Because of the experience in the field of implementation of different automation projects
DH Automation Technology acquired a wide range of experience in counselling projects successfully.
Therefore you are welcome at DH Automation Technology for implementation and counselling of your projects.
Because DH Automation Technology uses a standard project sequence you are assured of the fact that your project will be implement structured. For project planning we make use of Microsoft Project. Because of this you will keep the survey on your project.
DH Automation Technology handles the following stages for a project:
-       Preparation stage
  o     Specifications & System requirements (S&S document)
  o     Risk & Manageable research (R&H document)
  o     Offer
  o     Order
-       Realization stage
  o     Plan & Approach (P&A document)
  o     Project group Start Up
  o     Engineering / development
  o     Project approval
  o     Realization and building
  o     Quality control
  o     Functional Acceptation Test (FAT)
-       Implementation stage
  o     Transport to location
  o     Stationing and installation
  o     Make into operation & Test
  o     Training & Manuals
  o     Site Acceptation Test (SAT)
-       Aftercare stage
  o        Service & Maintenance