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Robot Integration
DH Automation Technology can take care about the integration of robots. If it handles about an Articulated (5 or 6 shaft), Scara, Cartesian (X,Y,Z) or Special robot, DH Automation Technology cares for the total robot integration route inclusive project management.
The big advantage is that DH Automation Technology is independent of a brand. DH Automation Technology lookes after your question, specifications and demands and search near it the right robot solution. We only use high-quality components. By this you are always sure of a quality solution.  
A total package will be delivered inclusive project documents, drawings, schedules, manuals, hardware, software and train programs.
Possible robots which can be applied by DH Automation Technology are:
-          KUKA
-          FANUC
-          STAÜBLI
-          ABB
-          MOTOMAN
-          MITSUBISHI
-          DENZO
-          Special robots
Of course the robot will be provided with the necessary protection. Depending on your wishes the robot can be combined with an electrical control, (Soft) PLC and / or SCADA system.
Besides DH Automation Technology is specialized in apply 2D and 3D (machine) vision systems in combination with robots.
We also care for the hardware like grippers, manipulators, screens, supply and transport systems. Herewith we use 3D CAD drawing and simulation software so that you do have a clear image of the system already during the development.
Possible solutions are:
-          Collect on pallets
-          Container loading / disloading
-          Pack up
-          Order picking
-          Machine loading / disloading
-          Product handling
-          Pick & Place
-          Sort by shape or quality
-          Assembly
-          Product process (for example drill, mill, grind, cutting, nail, glue and spray paint)
-          A combination solution
Robot Service
Each robot has his own specific properties. We count with this by service and maintenance.
DH Automation Technology cooperates close with robot suppliers to provide you the right service and maintenance. Besides this your robot can be revised totally by DH Automation Technology.